The Dress Has Arrived!

Got home later than usual last night after taking Violet to the vet. I’m not sure she’s going to make it, but at least she doesn’t appear to be in any pain. When I got home, there were two big boxes waiting in the foyer! What a pick-me-up. I knew that one of them was my dress, I figured the second box must be my veil. But no! It was a huge LL Bean wreath from Dad, our first Christmas decoration for the new house. To get that and my dress on the same day, huge lift to my spirits.

The dress is even more beautiful than I remembered. All wrapped in tissue and gently placed in not just one, but two garment bags to protect the beading. It’s nothing like I ever imagined. I had thought it would be easy to find a dress, I’m not particularly particular and I didn’t want anything ornate. But it did take me about 35 dresses and 6 or 7 stores to find the one that was mine. And I loved it as soon as I put it on. It had just the right touch of sass to fit a beach wedding, and it was different enough without being non-traditional.

No, I’m not going to show you a picture, but I will let you know that I plan on wearing it as many times as possible, and that includes camping and canoeing! :) To help satisfy that need to see me in a veil, I present the following image taken from a photobooth shoot earlier this year. I had no idea it was a leading indicator of marriage!




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