Life as Mrs. Carolyn Tang Kmet

So far, I’ve been back less than 48 hours, and while I’ve caught up on household errands, I’ve also managed to get into a minor fender bender.  A sideswipe really, my own fault.  I tried to get into the left turn lane and totally misjudged the width of my vehicle.  An error I don’t usually make, although…and here’s the bad news…it was my inlaw’s van.

I was lucky actually, all parties involved were unharmed, both vehicles are easily in driving condition.  And according to the cop, I probably won’t even get a traffic ticket.  My inlaws’ Winstar had some paint on it, along with some minor dents and scratches that are barely noticeable, and the other party, well, I hope there’s not too much damage either because I plan on picking that up on my own tab.

I guess that means this is one Mrs. that shouldn’t be driving a minivan :)

Anyway, we are starting to get photos back from the photog!  Here’s my favorite wedding picture so far, it was at our “first look”, where we got a moment to see each other before the ceremony and share our excitement and love together.




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