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On our first trip to Aspen, we fell in love…

Our third time back to Aspen together, we brought Kenzie. :)


Snuggled in her bassinet with bun bun


Week 6

Kenzie took her first flight in an airplane this week!  On March 2, we headed to Aspen for our annual ski trip.  Considering that it’s a 2+ hour flight followed by a four hour drive, she did amazingly well!  Slept the whole way there.  Coming back was a bit more trying, as she had quite a few wet nappys that needed to be taken care of.  However, it was really nice window shopping in downtown Aspen with her.  Everyone loved her faux fur Ergo carrier.  We stayed at the Independence Square Hotel, which was perfectly situated.  Jeff was able to walk to Aspen Mountain for skiing, and I was able to get some work done in the morning and stroll around with Kenzie in the afternoon. It was the perfect place to go for Kenzie’s first trip, and will undoubtedly set her up for a lifetime of great adventure!  Here’s a picture of her in Mardi Gras beads from Aspen’s Fat Tuesday celebration (of which we did not partake).  It also goes to note, that March 5 was the first day it was legal to sell weed in Colorado.  Again, we did not partake, but it was interesting to see how many people patronized the storefront down the block!

So sick of Aspen papparazzi