Kenzie Starts Preschool!

http://buildmate.com.sg/product/concrete-slab/ They transitioned Kenzie into Preschool a little early to ease her transition since a couple of her Young Preschool teachers are leaving our daycare for another branch.  She handled it like a champ! :)


http://buildmate.com.sg/product-category/structural-building-materials?product_tag= transition-to-preschool


Kenzie v. Santa 2016


http://buildmate.com.sg/product/steel-cutter-blade/?product_tag= This year was a lot smoother than the last two!  Kenzie now knows that Santa is the one who hooks her up with presents.  Our waiting-in-line conversation:

Order Xanax Online Cash On Delivery Me: Kenzie, what should Santa bring you for Christmas? http://buildmate.com.sg/product/solid-brick-2/ K: Presents! Cheap Ambient Reverb Me: What should Santa bring Zee? K: Cookies!
Me: What should Santa bring Vinny?
K: Catnip!
Me: What should Santa bring Vivi?
K: Mushrooms!  Two mushrooms!santa1 santa2 santa3 santa4

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